Census and Surveys

Household and Population Census

Niue began conducting censuses in 1900, although taking was unofficial. Census conducted from 1902 to 1945 were conducted under the New Zealand law and also by using the Cook Islands 1961 Census Regulations. The 1971 census was conducted under the 1971 Niue Census Ordnance, which was later amended in 1978.

The 2011 and 2017 censuses were conducted under the 2009 Statistics Act. This is the most common as it is held every 5 years.

Agriculture Census

Like the Population and Household Census, this census will highlight the Agricultural sector and the level of engagement of the population of Niue and their locations in the agricultural activities. The activities identified would beĀ  used to determine the level of food production and consumption in the household. The figures are used as ‘baseline’ figures to the users.

Niue has only conducted a total of 2 Agriculture Census, the first was in 1989 and the second was conducted 20 years later in 2009

The latest Agriculture Census was undertaken in August 2021

Other Surveys

The statistics office has conducted surveys, in partnership/collaboration with government departments or regional organisations.

MicroData from the Pacific Data Hub

The Pacific Data Hub – Microdata Library is a central repository for Pacific Island statistical microdata, reports and documents. It is an online cataloguing and dissemination system of survey and census metadata and microdata.