Household and Population Census



The Niue Statistics Office conducted enumeration of the National Population and Household Census on Friday 11th of November 2022.

On census night there was a total of 1,681 people counted in Niue, made up of 1,564 who identified as usual residents and 117 who considered themselves to be visitors to Niue.

Overall, the Niue census night population decreased by 2.2% (38 people) compared to 2017.

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Table 1.1: Total Census Night Population by Village Distribution, 2017 and 2022

Niue began conducting censuses in 1900, although census taking was unofficial. Censuses conducted from 1902 to 1945 were conducted underNew Zealand law and also by using the Cook Islands 1961 Census Regulations. Niue’s censuses from 1971 onwards were conducted under the 1971 Niue Census Ordinance. This Ordinance was later amended in 1978.

Census data provides the oficial count of people and households in Niue.

Every five years, the statistics office runs the census – the official count of the population and the dwellings in Niue. By asking for the assistance of the general public to complete the questions mainly about themselves and their household, we capture a snapshot of who is living (and visiting) Niue.

The census is the only survey in Niue that covers the whole population. It provides the most complete picture of life in Niue.

Below is a summary of censuses conducted from 1997 to 2017

Previous reports

Older census information

Censuses that were conducted from 1971 onwards, under the Census act of 1971, are only available in hardcopy only. 

The Statistics Office are in the process of creating electronic copies.