The consumers price index (CPI) is a measure of inflation for the households of Niue. It records changes in the price of goods and services.

Statistical release: Consumer Price Index for March quarter 2019

CPI shows a decrease of -1.0% since December 2018 index, and compared to March 2018, a +2.9% increase.

The largest positive contribution to quarterly inflation at sub-class level was soft drinks at 0.25%, the negative contribution was transport by air with a -1.80% contribution.

The complete report for statistical release: CPI March 2019 quarter can be downloaded here.

Figures at a glance
Base year (June 2018) 100.0 points
Dec-18 104.8 points
Mar-19 103.8 points
Quarterly -1.00%
Annually 2.97%
Food index (points difference) 1.13%
Dec-18 104.0
Mar-19 105.2
Main movers of CPI this quarter
Largest positive contribution Soft drink: 0.25%
Largest negative contribution Transport: -1.80%
Contributions to CPI
Main items impacting CPI

This report was compiled by the Niue Statistics Office, April 2019