International merchandise trade plays a crucial role in economic development, binding producers and consumers located in different countries into a global economic system. The availability of timely, high quality international trade statistics is therefore vital for the analysis of production, consumption, employment, etc. at national and global levels. 

Statistical release: International Merchandise and Trade 2015

Key findings

  1. Total value of exports for Niue was $1,643,942.00, of which $104,222 was from domestic exports and $1,539,720 from re-exports.
  2. Total value of imports was $18,267,002.

Figures at a glance

Please note that import figures used for this statistical release are those (mirror statistics) provided by the Trade Statistics Section of Statistics New Zealand (SNZ). Domestic exports and re-export figures were extracted from Niue Customs records, Niue Numismatic records, records from Niue Bulk Fuel. Records collected of goods carried by passengers when travelling as informal trade is not included in this year’s analysis.

Statistics Niue continue to use the mirror data for reporting of imports. In using mirror data there are certain limitations to it. Users are therefore asked to note the limitations of the data and use with due care.