Statistical release: Niue Gross Domestic Product: 2020-2021

This release or report reflects some revisions to the Niue national accounts up to 2021 with the availability of more unaudited and audited government accounts and other administrative records.
National accounts are continuously revised as new data becomes available, as well as methods and classifications evolve, particularly in the light of the Systems of National Accounts 2008 (SNA 2008).

The estimate value of economic activity in the Niue economy in constant (real) prices has continued to fall from $28.041 million in 2020 to $26.310 million in 2021. This results in an annual movement of -6.17%.

This compilation was made possible with the PFTAC National Accounts Statistics mission conducted by Mr. Russel Freeman of which Statistics Niue is most grateful.

Figures at a glance:

Table 1: GDP and GDP per capita, 2015 – 2021*

Table 2: Levels of contributions to GDP by Industries, 2015 – 2021*

(R) – Figures revised, estimate

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