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Crime and Justice

Statistics about crime and justice report on court charges and outcomes Table: Crime Prevention Indicators Source: Department of Justice, Lands, and Survey

Niue High School

VISIONTo be a school that provides quality education through the pursuit of excellence in both teaching and learning which are relevant to Niue and the global community. MISSION STATEMENTOur fundamental aim is to provide a quality education for our students in a...

Consumer Price Index 2018

Statistical reports: Consumer Price Index reports for 2018Niue Statistics Office has officially rebased CPI as of June 2018, the last time this was done was 15 years prior based on the information and results from the 2002 Household Income and Expenditure Survey...

Early Childhood Education and Niue Primary School

Early Childhood Education and Niue Primary School is the only primary school located at Paliati, Alofi South.There were eight primary schools established in the outer village in the 1950-1970's. These primary schools were amalgamated into the one primary school in...


Niue is affectionately known as the "Rock"- the Rock of Polynesia, stood all alone (Nukututaha - Motusefua) in the Pacific Ocean. Well located within the tropics hence the environment is predominantly of a typical 'tropical island nation' - a small one The total land...

Balance of Payments 2016/2017

Statistical release:Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Estimates of Niue 2010/11 - 2016/2017 The Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BoP)/IIP) Estimates of Niue highlights the accounting record of all monetary transactions...

National Accounts Estimates of Niue 2017

Statistics release: Niue Gross Domestic Product 2016-2017 This release or report reflects some revisions to the Niue national accounts up to 2017 with the availability of more unaudited and audited government accounts and other administrative records.National accounts...

Migration and Tourism 2017

Migration and tourism statistics, also known as the travelling residents and visitors statistics, reports the number of travelling residents and visitors and the purpose of their travel.Statistical reports: Travelling residents and visitors for Niue 2017 Key...

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Agriculture Census cancelled until further notice

With the Coronavirus global pandemic, the  Agriculture Census that was previously postponed from November 2019 to be conducted on March 2020 has been cancelled until further notice.
The Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries and the National Statistics Office will continue working with FAO for a future update on this project.  

Agriculture Census Postponed

The enumeration phase for the collection of the Agriculture Census has been postponed from November 2019 to be conducted in March 2020.

2017 Household and Population report release

The Minister and the staff of the Niue Statistics Office are proud to release the report for the Niue Household and Population Census 2017.

You can access the report here

2019 Agriculture Census

The Statistics office, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, and support from FAO, are planning to conduct an Agriculture Census in November 2019

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