Migration and tourism statistics, also known as the travelling residents and visitors statistics, reports the number of travelling residents and visitors and the purpose of their travel.

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Key findings

  1. Migration and tourism figures decreased as a direct result of COVID-19 pandemic. All countries including Niue restricted travel and only residents were permitted to enter Niue.
  2. Niue’s borders were restricted in March 2020
  3. Total arrivals into Niue for 2020 was 2,066 and total departures was 2,175.

Complete statistical reports

Figures at a glance for each quarter

Total arrivals 2,066
Total departures 2,175
Net migration -109
Total visitors 1,302
Niuean 0
Non-Niuean 0
Visitors to residents 0
Returning residents 764
Excursionists 0
Departing residents 503
Residents leaving permanently 0
Returning visitors 1,672
Excursionists 0
Average tourism earnings (000) $0
Niuean $0
Non-Niuean $0

Reports were compiled by the Niue Statistics Office with assistance from the Immigration office

Kimray Vaha
Government Statistician
(683) 4219