Preparations for the household and population census will begin in 2020 for the project to be undertaken in the year 2022. The last census was conducted in 2017 with the report released in February 2020. The Niue Statistics Office will be having discussions with relevant users and producers on the importance of collecting population information.

The census would most likely take place in March of 2022. With the introduction of the CAPI method using tablets being introduced for the Agriculture census, the office plans to utilise this method for the household and population census as well. However paper questions will be made available if households wish to fill in the questionnaire themselves.

Census responses are confidential and cannot be shared with any other entity.

Responses to the census are critically important to our nation’s future. For the years following the census, responses will determine future developments of the nation and will guide the allocation of funds to the more pressing matters each year for infrastructure and services such as schools, transportation projects, public safety, and health care.

More information will be made available in future.