Statistical releases: Vital Statistics for the year 2019

Vital statistics are an essential input for the planning of human development. Knowledge of the size and characteristics of a country’s population on a timely basis is a prerequisite to socioeconomic planning. Because a population increases by the addition of live births and decreases by the subtraction of deaths, information about the number of live births and deaths occurring in a population is crucial for estimating the natural increase (or decrease) and the annual change in population size and structure for that population.

The complete report for statistical releases can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

The information for this report were provided by records kept by the Ministry of Health, the Civil Registration Office, and the National Statistics Office.

Figures at a glance from the biannual reports:

Vitals June 2019
Residential population (2017 census) 1,591
Resident overseas 193
Total births 10
Males 6
Females 4
Sex ratio at birth 1.5
Crude birth rate (CBR) 6.3
Place of Birth
- In-country 5
- Overseas 5
Total deaths 12
Males 9
Females 3
Crude death rate (CDR) 7.5
Natural increase
Total (births – deaths) -2
Natural growth rate (CBR – CDR) -1.2
Total marriages 8
Vitals Dec 2019
Residential population 1,669
Total births 5
Males 1
Females 4
Sex ratio at birth 75:100
Crude birth rate (CBR) 3.0
Place of Birth
- In-country 2
- Overseas 3
Total deaths 2
Males 2
Females 0
Crude death rate (CDR) 1.2
Natural increase
Total (births – deaths) 3
Natural growth rate (CBR – CDR) 1.8
Total marriages 3

Note: Residential population calculated using 2017 census residential average annual growth rate of 1.6 for each consecutive year to the present

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